Interior Design Institute Kolhapur

What is Interior Design and Decoration?

Interior design and decoration is related to space design and decoration. Interior Design and Decoration is the art of developing spaces, which are aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated and satisfying the needs of their customer. An interior designer works on residential spaces and commercial spaces (Offices, Showrooms, Jewellery Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, etc), and each category requires its own set of rules, regulations and guidelines. Hence, Interior Designers need to be extremely skilled, creative, inventive, organized.

Successful, Interior Designers must have complete knowledge of construction techniques, building materials, technical drawings, code of ethics and business practices.

An interior designer must have a clear understanding and a level of expertise to be able to manage a distinctive project.

Interior Designer Role

  • Research and analysis of the project based on all safety norms, either environmental, health or rules and regulations based.
  • Understanding a client’s needs, analyzing the goals of the said project, and developing the necessary documents to support the successful execution of the project.
  • Based on human science and behavioral study develop a suitable plan layout in 2D and or 3D, in order to best accommodate the client’s project needs.
  • To incorporate the best suitable materials, textures, color schemes and related finishes, so as to project the perfect design concept meeting functional, maintenance and safety requirements.
  • Designing and Drawing the right furniture and fixtures, with detailed product descriptions and pricing, to facilitate procurement and installation of new furniture.
  • Guiding the client with project analysis services, including estimations, financial flow and schedules, material locating management, project execution guidelines, etc.