What is the growth prospect as an Interior Designer?

With the increase in global population, improvement in real estate demand and increase in the living standards, the job market for interior designers looks cheerful and positive. There is a increasing demand for professional designers of private homes, offices, restaurants, retail businesses. However, interior designing has become a highly competitive field with many young, dynamic and talented designers. Keeping one self-equipped with the latest advancements in this field, innovating new designs, furniture, equipment and technology, is the only solution to maintain a competitive edge over the rest.

What can one earn as an Interior Designer?

The earning potential of an interior designer depends upon techno-functional adaptability, individual communication skills, presentability and the individual desire to excel.

However, tentative salaries for fresh interior design graduates could range from Rs. 1,20,000/- to Rs. 2,50,000/- per annum. Experienced designers could fetch anywhere between 3,60,000/- and 4,80,000/- p.a. Designers directly involved with big clients could make incomes in 6 figures per month.

As an interior designer one could:

  • Junior/ Senior Designer with a design consultant / firm
  • Start own design consultancy service.
  • Render visualization services to architects and structural engineers.
  • Design and render 2D/3D architectural models and walkthroughs to construction firms.
  • Work as an architectural draftsman with ‘Back Office Processing’ firms.
  • Work as Furniture Designer / Manufacturer
  • Work as Glass Designer
  • Work as Vastu Consultant
  • Work as Landscape Designer
  • Work as Set / Exhibition Layout Designer
  • Work as Mural Designer
  • Work as Interior Accessories Designer
  • Work as Moduler Kitchen Designer
  • Work as Lecturer
  • Work as Stage Designer
  • Work as Event Manager
  • Work as Retail Designer
  • Work as Conceptual Artist
  • Work as Space Planner
  • Work as Animator & Walk through Artist
  • Work as Model Maker
  • Work as Estimators & Valuers
  • Work as Color Consultant
  • Work as Project Manager